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Goodnight, Tree Hill 

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Take a look at Joy’s latest blogpost,

Beautiful. I love that she took the time to write and appreciate the fans one last time.

Goodnight One Tree Hill 

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So today the very last episode of OTH airs in the US and I feel bittersweet. I’ve been waiting for this to happen for a few seasons now, but now that the time has finally come, I actually feel really sad.

I’m not gonna lie, I went through periods of basically hating the show, cursing the writers for stupid storylines but I carried on watching. I was absolutely gutted when LP left and basically promised that I wouldn’t watch the show ever again, but I got curious and secretly watched 7x01 and I was miserable that they weren’t there, but I still watched it and I surprisingly managed to like the new characters. Despite all the crap that our shipper hearts have been through and the somewhat poor storylines we’ve had to endure, the writers had moments of greatness where they reminded us why we love this show. I was only like 10 when the show first aired in 2003, so I was quite content with Drake & Josh, but I think I started watching it properly from when I was 12 or 13, and from the very first episode I watched, I was hooked. I went and caught up with all the seasons and have been watching it ever since. I’ve started watching a lot more shows since then, some of which I’ve recently found a lot more interesting than OTH, but for some reason I have never been attached to any other show or cast than this one. 

I’m gonna be honest and say that this is the only show that can actually make me cry, sometimes I’m not sure why because other shows can be moving, but OTH pulls at my bloody heartstrings. And I will be forever grateful as it has let us recognise some of the most underrated actors and actresses and I will literally cry if they don’t go on to do brilliant things, especially James and Joy, I genuinely hope they do a lot more in the future! And my baby Austin <3 

I do look forward to eventually owning all 9 seasons on DVD though, how fucking great will that be?!

I think Julian’s description of his new show in 9x12 sums up this show brilliantly; ‘A show that’s not afraid to be quiet or heartfelt, a show that’s romantic and sexy and makes you feel like you’re not alone.’ 

So, good night and thank you One Tree Hill.

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Good Night One Tree Hill 

Hey guys, it’s Zoya here, I realise I haven’t updated in the longest time and I’m geuinely sorry (life is ridiculously busy) but felt like I should do a special text post tonight.

Today was the last day of filming for One Tree Hill and in all honesty I feel gutted. Around 6 years ago, I watched the end of episode 4x09 and I fell in love with the show, maybe it was because of Joy actually seeing as her scene was the first I’d seen. I decided to catch up on all four seasons - the best seasons of any show if I’m honest - and was ready for season five. I have honestly never loved a show so much, I have never loved and hated characters as much as I do with this show, and I’ve never been so crazy about a couple. It was basically One Tree Hill which made me so interested in photoshop - photo editing, making blends etc and all these crazy fangirling social networks. I can safely say One Tree Hill is the only show which has literally made me bawl - to which Joy can be held accountable, fml her acting in season 7 was absolutely flawless, it was tragic and beautiful.

As much as I’ve cursed the man for ruining my OTPs or coming up with crazy storylines, I’d actually like to thank Mark Schwahn for providing us with such a genuine and sincere show for the past how many years. I’d like to thank him for introducing us to some of the most underrated actors. Bethany Joy being one of them. If it wasn’t for this show I probably wouldn’t even know who she is, and bloody hell, how awful would that be? She is a stunning actress, a beautiful singer, I remember being shocked when I first heard her sing, and I can only hope that she continues with her music career and Everly at least because I’m definitely not ready to say goodbye to her yet. I hope all the cast get recognised for their talents and we can continue to see them on other projects.

Feels somewhat like the end of an era but I’m glad we can actually say that it came to a dignified end. Good night Haley James Scott, good night all other cast, and good night One Tree Hill.


Gonna have fun in the city,Be with my girl she’s so pretty,She looks fine tonight,She is out of sight to me,

eveningfell: Stefan&amp;Haley / Friday on My Mind - The Easybeats


Gonna have fun in the city,
Be with my girl she’s so pretty,
She looks fine tonight,
She is out of sight to me,

eveningfell: Stefan&Haley / Friday on My Mind - The Easybeats




Haley &amp; Peyton: Musical Soulmates

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Haley & Peyton: Musical Soulmates

(via faithinshreds)

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